That’s the whole point, really

CSU’s quarterbacks are a combined 20 of 62 for 171 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions in two games, giving the Rams a 64.74 rating in passing efficiency that is more than 17 points lower than the next to last team in the nation, Vanderbilt at 82.20. CSU’s average of 85.5 passing yards a game ranks No. 126 nationally, ahead of only Tulane (73.0) and Army (40.5)..

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Still, they lucked out: The Germans were apparently completely unprepared for an attack from an enemy nation whose soil they were actively bombing. That’s the whole point, really. So if you were fighting in the American Civil War and took a break in, say, France, you’d think you had left the fighting behind and could relax with some nice 19th century French prostitutes..

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