“I guess they cracked down on it pretty hard

“Evidently it’s going to come down on the club,” Thole said. “I guess they cracked down on it pretty hard. So it’s just something we can’t do. At the center sits a stony white Queen Victoria, flanked on the lawn by two yellow wheeled cannons. On the ground floor of one of the government buildings is a tourist information center where fresh maps and brochures are laid out each morning and guided walking tours of Nassau begin.With the right materials and enough leg power, I was to find, Nassau can be nicely done on one’s own. And just when you hit a snag, there is a member of the Royal Bahamian Police, done up in white jacket, pith helmet, and dark trousers with wide red stripes, ready to spell out careful directions.Rawson Square gives onto the harbor, where a battered lineup of boats bound for the Out Islands was taking on passengers and cargo, everything from bags of cement to cases of soft drinks.

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